Springboard Retail and Ninja Metrics bring Social Value® and Social Whaling capability to specialty retailers

UA Costs on the Rise, Growth of eSports, Google Play App Sizes

In Data We Trust, Tools to Build Your Game Community, Apple TV Fails to Kill off Consoles

ASO, Pitching Your Game, The Indiepocalypse

New Apple TV, Most Successful iOS Games, Chinese Mobile Market

Entertainment on Demand, Game Devs Take to Twitter, Game Analytics 101 + 201

Free Game Dev Learning Resources, Turning Influencers Into Brand Advocates, Teen Gamer Statistics and the Lowdown on Female Characters

Teaching Kids to Drive with Video Games, Indie Dev Challenges, Dealing with Game-Killing Bugs

Cost of Loyal Users, Switching Engines, Game Development Jobs

2005 Hit Games, The Price of Indie Games, Traveling the World and Sketchbooks for Games

Choosing a Game Engine, The Impact of YouTube and Twitch on Games, Experimenting with App Store Optimization

Satoru Iwata, Building a Community, 3 Types of Players

VR Takeaways, App Store Price Surges, Emotional Alignment, AR Predictions

F2P In-Game Events, How Discounts Affect Revenue, Acquisition vs Retention

Surviving as an Indie Dev, Mobile User Acquisition Fraud, Wearables Game Design Tips

E3 2015 Best of Show Roundup

Steam Refund Policy, WWDC Game Developer Highlights, Google Cardboard and VR

Fallout 4, Video Game PR, Apple App Store Revamped

F2P Comes of Age, Mobile Games Value in 2015, Indies vs AAA in Mobile

Marketing Games, Getting a Job and Tools for Indie Developers

Games Deals, Asia Mobile App Revenues, App Store Rejections

App Analytics, Future of Android Games, Tracking F2P Metrics, Ad Monetization

Game Analytics 201: Business Issues

Apple Watch Games, Cross-Promotional Tools, Game Studio Dont’s

Game Analytics 101: Definitions

Global Video Games Spending, iOS CPI Up / Android Down, Apple Watch Game Design

The State of Video Games in America, Facebook Advertising, Analytics for Streaming Media and Music

Why Apps Fail, Fixing the F2P Image, Misconceptions About UX

App Downloads Decline, Future of MOBAs & MMORPGs, Top Monetization Metrics

Media Relations Tips for Devs, YouTube joining eSports, Tips for Unity

Nintendo on Smartphones, Stronger Google Play Ratings and Marketing for Indies

Apple Watch and Bringing Mobile to PCs and TVs

Ninja News Roundup: GDC 2015

AppsFlyer Partners with Ninja Metrics to Measure Value of Social Connections

The Global Social Value Benchmark Report 2015

Ninja Metrics at GDC 2015, Surviving a Game Conference, Smartphone and Tablet Gaming Stats, Free Indie Dev Tools

Mobile to Overtake Consoles, Day-1 F2P Players and Most Popular Games & Platforms in 2014

Mobile Games Advertising, Soft Launch Games and Early Access Tips

Indie Pitfalls, Cross-Platform Development and The Future of VR Gaming

Mobile Game Use Statistics, Social Media Promotion & Google Play Downloads

Windows 10 Holographic, “Frogger” Games on the Rise and 2015 Games Revenue

Game Analytics 101: Understanding Social Value - Part 3

CES 2015 Gaming Tech, Minecraft Records, Predictive Analytics

2014 Mobile/Social Gaming Highlights and Lowlights

2014 Video Game Industry Trends

The Father of Video Games, Facebook’s & Apple’s Games of the Year and Facebook Retargeting for Indies

Black Friday Gaming Recap, Mobile as an Ad Platform and an F2P Turning Point

F2P Goes From Free to Get, Mobile Discovery Tips and The Death of Launch Dates

Games Industry Growth, The Business of Games and Mobile TV Gaming

Predictive Player Retention, Lowering Game Dev Risks & Gamer Differences

App User Acquisition Stats, Male vs Female Gamers and Starting an Indie Studio

Game Analytics: Basic Definitions - Part 2

Writing Slideshows, Rise of Mobile Gaming and Cross Game Promotions

Mobile Spending, Google Play Growth and Games Trailers

Game Analytics: Where Do I Start? - Part 1

Social Value Study: Imperia Online

Twitter Marketing - F2P Retention - Native Mobile Ads

Landing Pages, Plus Smartwatch Game Dev and iPhone 6 Challenges

Kickstarter Marketing, Free Game Dev Tools, and the Chinese Games Market

Ninja News Roundup: Pitching your Game to Apple, Microsoft’s Minecraft Acquisition and a Games Marketing Survey

Ninja News Roundup: Optimizing your F2P Game for Monetization, Mobile Apps Companies Valuation and Mobile Insight from Final Fantasy Creator

Ninja News Roundup: Multiplayer Gaming Woes, Mobile Consumption, Amazon buys Twitch

Ninja News Roundup: Top Games Spending Countries, Mobile Games Industry Growth and Open Source Game Development

Ninja News Roundup: Porting a Video Game, Virtual Reality Guidelines and Pitching Your Video Game

Ninja News Roundup: User Acquisition, Tips for Improving Programming Skills and Advice for Indies

Ninja News Roundup: Gamedev Audio Tools, Video Game Genre Preferences and the Future of VR

Ninja News Roundup: Mobile Games Market Facts, Transitioning from Movies to Games and Game Design Nightmares

Ninja News Roundup: The Mobile Games Market, Indie Startup Questions and Getting Inside the Mind of a Gamer

Ninja News Roundup: Mobile Games Dominance, App Store Optimization and Game Company Acquisitions

Ninja News Roundup: Google I/O and Mobile Game Marketing

Ninja News Roundup: Future Mobile Game Revenues, an Evolving Industry and Upcoming Gaming Technologies

Ninja News Roundup: E3 2014 Announcements

Ninja News Roundup: WWDC 2014 Recap and Deciding on the Right Monetization Model

Solo Players 65.3% More Likely To Quit vs Playing with Others

Ninja News Roundup: Social Gaming Trends, Big Data and the Future of Game Investing

Ninja Weekly Roundup: Gamification of Buying Games and Video Game Marketing

Ninja News Roundup: F2P vs Premium, Rising Next-Gen Dev Costs and Inside the Mind of GameDevs

Ninja News Roundup: Making a Video Game Story, Common Questions and the Rise of Mobile in China

Ninja News Roundup: Cheap Gamedev Resources, Gamedev Experience and Top Game Engines

Ninja News Roundup: F2P Long-term Player Retention, Going to School and Fighting for Mobile Exclusivity

Ninja News Roundup: IAP Effectiveness, App Store Discoverability and Must-read Gaming Books

[Infographic] Social Value - Finding The True Influencers in Social Games and Mobile Apps

Ninja News Roundup: Publishing Indies and the Making of Threes

Ninja News Roundup: Amazon Fire TV, Free-to-Play Whales Rationality, and First Impression in F2P Games

Ninja News Roundup: Facebook Acquires Oculus, King IPO, and Evaluating Features for GaaS

Ninja News Roundup: Wearable Tech and Driving Revenue with Events

Ninja News Roundup: Smart Enemy AI and Anti-Aging Mobile Game Tips

Ninja News Roundup: Gaming the App Store, Making Games for Players & Twitch Mobile Streaming

Ninja News Roundup: Creating Strategy Games, US Game Revenues & Game Development Challenges

Will Bitcoin Have Any Real Effect on the Video Game Vertical?

Ninja News Roundup: King Files IPO & Bridging the Console-Tablet Gap

The History and Structure of the Video Game Industry – Retail & Disruption (The New Norm) - Part 5

Ninja News Roundup: Flappy Bird and Why Indie Developers go Insane

The History and Structure of the Video Game Industry – Structure, Development to Publishing - Part 4

Ninja News Roundup: Inspirational iPad Games and Trademark Protection

The History and Structure of the Video Game Industry – Casual & Mobile Boom - Part 3

Ninja News Roundup: Nintendo Smartphone Game Rumors & Open Development

The History and Structure of the Video Game Industry – Modern Era - Part 2

Ninja News Roundup: Social Gaming Metrics and the Dilemma of Pricing a Game

The History and Structure of the Video Game Industry – Beginnings, Boom & Bust - Part 1

Ninja News Roundup: The Mobile Gaming Industry & Free-to-Play Game Design

Ninja News Roundup: 2014 Gaming Trends and Buying Into Alpha Funding

"Troll Pooling" Game Players with Negative Social Values

The Fruit Basket Factor: Rational Churn Prevention

Do Analytics Help or Hurt the Creative Process of Game Development?

How Big Data is Affecting Social Network Analysis

Ninja Metrics Launches Katana® Analytics Engine For Game Industry

Social Networks for Analytics

Basic Statistics in 5 minutes!

User Research: Balancing the Left and Right Brain

Video Game Analytics 101, Part 3: The Slightly-More-Advanced Bits

Video Game Analytics 101: Basic Definitions

Video Game Analytics 101: Getting Started

Practical Metrics: Setting up Game Analytics for Your Organization

Scholars Lobby the APA Over Video Games and Policy

GTA V: Little Ado About Something?

The Basics of Churn Analysis in Social Games

What is Cohort Analysis and Why is it Important for Your Game?

9 Predictive Analytics Metrics You Should Be Using Right Now

Predictive Analytics for Games: The Next Big Thing For Game Developers

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