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App Downloads Decline, Future of MOBAs & MMORPGs, Top Monetization Metrics

Posted by Greg Kathol

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Apr 2, 2015 1:02:00 PM

Monthly App Downloads DeclineNinja Metrics Katana Guy

Fiksu just released its latest monthly report on App Store downloads for the top 200 free iOS apps, revealing that the number of daily App Store downloads dropped by nearly one million from January to February, for a total of 9.7 million daily downloads.

But if we take a look back at February 2014, the App Store only had about 6.8 million daily downloads according to Fiksu, so overall downloads are on the rise which is good news. Take a look at VentureBeat’s article about the report here for more insight from Stewart Rogers, a VB analyst.

The Future of MOBAs and MMORPGs

There’s no doubt that MOBAs (Multiplayer online battle arena) are on the rise, with popular games like League of Legends and Dota taking center stage. But what about MMOs like World of Warcraft?

According to a new study by EEDAR, the revenue generated by F2P MOBAs is expected to overtake MMORPGs by the end of 2015, at $501 million. GamesIndustry commented “MOBAs are exceptionally well positioned since they emphasize player investment with individual champions. Users find a champion that fits their play style or resonates thematically, which then leads to deeper engagement over time.”

What are players spending their money on in MOBAs? Most of it (36%) is on Avatar Cosmetics, with the average player spending $24.92 on the customizations. For more statistics from the report, read GamesIndustry’s article here.

Top Monetization Metrics

With so many metrics to track in your video game, it can be difficult to determine which ones are the most important for improving your monetization strategy. Game developer Chung-Man Tam recently wrote an article highlighting the top 3 monetization metrics you should be tracking: Engagement, Retention and Revenue.

To see what each metric means, how to measure them and additional tips, take a look at the article on Gamasutra by clicking here. True Ad Value™ White Paper Download

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