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App User Acquisition Stats, Male vs Female Gamers and Starting an Indie Studio

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Oct 31, 2014 8:07:00 AM

Mobile-App User Acquisition Costs on the RiseGame Industry News Round-Up

A new study by mobile marketing firm Fiksu revealed some unfortunate news this week for mobile developerswho plan on making money. According to the report, the cost of acquiring a mobile-app user has risen 34% since last year - peaking just last month in September, at roughly $2.25 per loyal user.

Fortunately, there’s some good news to all of this - enthusiasm for devices has also increased, giving developers more opportunity to acquire users and take advantage of the latest technology. Fiksu’s data revealed that during the first 30 day launch-period for each device, the iPhone 6 outsold the iPhone 5 by 116%.

Mobile app adoption rates have also increased, at 5.5 million daily App Store downloads versus only 5.3 million a month before. You can take a look at more of Fiksu’s report here on VentureBeat.

Poll: Male vs Female Gamers

Have you ever wondered what types of games both men and women play? A new study by SuperData broke down gaming statistics by gender, based on an aggregate of polls throughout 2014 (each with a minimum sample size of 1,000 people).

SuperData discovered that MMOs are favored by males at 66%, while females prefer to play RPG games (53.6%). When looking at the types of devices people play, women make up the majority of mobile gaming users at 57.8%, while men prefer consoles at 63%. What about PC gaming? Females just barely took the lead at 50.2%.

Check out the rest of SuperData’s findings in this article on Joystiq.

Starting an Indie Game Studio

Before you dive in and start your own indie studio, it’s important to be thoroughly prepared for the bumpy road ahead, since launching one is just like any other business - it requires knowledge in finance, management, creativity, leadership, marketing and sales - not just technical skills.

The first step to starting an indie studio is asking yourself a few important questions: Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Are you willing to give up your creative freedom to manage other aspects of the business? Do you have money to invest, or do you have outside funding sources lined up?

Once you’ve determined that you’re fit for the journey, it’s time to start laying out a business plan and hire necessary staff. This guide on Gamasutra (part 2) offers a few tips to help you get started with your own indie game studio. Ninja Metrics Katana Demo Video

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