Choosing a Game Engine, The Impact of YouTube and Twitch on Games, Experimenting with App Store Optimization

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Jul 22, 2015 12:31:44 PM

Ninja_Round-upChoosing a Game Engine

Since there are many game engines available, choosing the right one can be a difficult task. Do you want to create a 2D game or a 3D game? Do you prefer having a visual interface to work with or would you rather focus on coding? These are all factors you need to consider when choosing a game engine.

Stugan, a game development accelerator based in Sweden, recently compared a few of the most popular game engines - from Unity to Unreal - to help developers decide which one is best for them. You can take a look at the video by clicking here.

How YouTube and Twitch are Impacting Video Games Media Strategy

Traditionally, the bulk of video game marketing has been done internally by game developers and their team, requiring a lot of effort and/or money to introduce their game to the world. But with the rise of social networking, visual platforms like Twitch and YouTube are putting video game marketing into the hands of the players themselves.

As a result, players are raising their expectations of developers, according to a study by Newzoo: “Gamers now expect direct involvement when it comes to games and media, and they prefer watching the content of their friends and peers above professional content. Amazon´s acquisition of Twitch in late 2014 for close to a billion dollars cemented the importance of consumer generated content in the future of our industry.”

For more insight, click here to read the article on VentureBeat.

Experimenting with App Store Optimization

Game developer Marc Bourbonnais recently took a month to experiment with various App Store Optimization tools and practices, to determine their effectiveness. After the experiment, Marc found that there is no clear, straightforward solution to ASO.

Instead, he recommends that developers try out the various free tools and resources available online to compare results, since many factors vary - from keywords, to IAPs to app permissions. You can take a look at Marc’s blog post with tips and a list of tools by clicking here.


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