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Cost of Loyal Users, Switching Engines, Game Development Jobs

Posted by Zach Taiji

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Aug 5, 2015 1:40:00 PM

Loyal User Cost on the Rise

According to Fiksu, the cost of acquiring a loyal user (CPLU) is increasing. From June 2014 to June 2015, cost per loyal user rose 44%, for a total of $3.21.

Meanwhile, CPI (Cost per Install) dropped 21% on iOS to $1.15 from May-June 2015. PocketGamer suggests that the rise in CPLU and decline in CPI is a result of increased app usage and fewer installs.

More on the topic here.

Switching Game Engines

Things don't always go as planned when developing a game. For instance, you might discover that your game engine isn't a great fit, mid-development. Dietmar House of Sproing thinks that switching engines between projects or mid-development is a bad idea. 

“Switching engines is what kills all your investments. Your costs are gone, so whatever you pick as your strategy, make sure your stick to it for a while.”

You can read some of Dietmar's examples here.

Game Development Jobs Outlook

The International Game Developers Association has revealed insight on developers' outlook on the games industry, in a new report. The survey found that developers are optimistic about industry growth, but not so optimistic on job outlook.

IGDA also found that 65.5% of developers thinks diversity is important. For the full report on Gamasutra, click here.

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