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Entertainment on Demand, Game Devs Take to Twitter, Game Analytics 101 + 201

Posted by Zach Taiji

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Aug 26, 2015 10:35:46 AM

Ninja_Round-upEntertainment on Demand Trends

A new report by research firm NPD has revealed that more than half of all U.S. homes with internet access have a “connected TV device”, such as an Apple TV, Roku, smart TV, or even video game console. NPD’s report says that as of Q2 2015, 46 million U.S. homes have a connected TV device, up almost 5% year over year.

Which specific devices have the largest impact on home entertainment on demand? According the report, 45% of TVs sold in the US are smart TVs, up 34% year over year. NPD states, “The increase in the number of homes that use a TV with apps is the result of three very important factors. Sales of TVs with apps have skyrocketed, their user interfaces have improved, and there has been a surge in available premium services and programming. We’re living in the Golden Age of TV, where significant investments are being made in developing original series.

You can read the full report on VentureBeat by clicking here.

Game Developers Take to Twitter

The internet is full of free and accessible game development resources, as we discussed in last week’s blog post. But some of the most helpful game development tips are in bite-sized pieces, on social networks like Twitter.

#ShareAGameDesignTip became a popular hashtag earlier this week, as game developers from the industry joined in on the fun. Check out a few of them below:

Read more Twitter game design tips on Gamasutra by clicking here.

Game Analytics 101 + 201

Earlier this year, our CEO Dmitri Williams hosted a few sessions about game analytics at GDC 2015.

Dmitri started by defining several KPIs that game developers should use, including LTV, CaC and social value, in this session called Game Analytics 101.

Game Analytics 201 built upon the fundamentals of Game Analytics 101, talking about business issues that video game marketers, BI teams and developers face. You can watch the recorded session by clicking here.

Did you attend GDC 2015? What were some of your favorite key takeaways from the event?

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