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Fallout 4, Video Game PR, Apple App Store Revamped

Posted by Zach Taiji

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Jun 3, 2015 11:59:55 AM

Ninja_Round-upFallout 4 Announced

After several years of rumors and speculation, the highly-anticipated Fallout 4 is finally becoming a reality. The news all started yesterday, as Bethesda software's website displayed a vintage Indian-head test pattern-styled countdown clock. This morning, the official trailer for Fallout 4 was released. You can watch the trailer below:

While no release date for Fallout 4 has been set yet, expect to see more details emerge at E3 2015 in the coming weeks. Fallout 4 will be arriving on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, accessible to a wide variety of gamers.

Video Game PR

With so many options to market your game, including social media and paid advertising, traditional media coverage and public relations is an often overlooked strategy.

Fortunately, video game PR (financially) costs a lot less than advertising does - in fact, it’s completely free, and only requires time and commitment to develop relationships with the media.

Why is video game PR important? An effective PR strategy and campaign can create visibility and word-of-mouth for your video game by way of reviews, interviews and even quotes within industry-related articles. With content marketing on the rise, consumers are looking for quality, original and digestible content more than ever - and PR is a great way to start.

A recent article on PocketGamer highlights tips to help get media coverage for your video game. You can read it by clicking here.

Apple App Store Revamped

Good news for iOS game developers: the video games section of the App Store has been recently given an overhaul, thanks to Apple’s editorial team. New changes within Apple’s editorial process make it so that developers can’t take advantage of algorithms and generated sections - instead, top lists are curated by Apple’s editors themselves, putting the quality of games above all else. You can read more about the news on Develop Online by clicking here.


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