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Game Analytics: Where Do I Start? - Part 1

Posted by Greg Kathol

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Oct 15, 2014 7:43:00 AM

The big data analytics revolution over the past few years has led a lot of businesses to believe that they need to implement some sort of big data solution. The downside is that many of those businesses don’t really understand how it works, or even what big data really is.

In layman’s terms, “big data” is defined as sets of data so large that they can’t be analyzed with traditional processing applications and instead require a more complex and multifaceted solution.

That’s where a big data analytics platform comes in - it collects and automates all of your data, so that you can track metrics in real-time, create complex reports and create predictions based on past data.

Big Data and Game Analytics

Big data analytics can apply to any business that wants to improve their customer base with data - but they’re especially useful in the world of video games. Why? Because chances are that you’re already logging a variety of data - from play time, to IAP spending habits, to specific in-game player actions. A big data analytics platform can take all of this data, analyze it, and help you figure out what is and isn’t working to reduce churn rates and improve player spending.

The First Step - Events

The first step in using a big data analytics platform for your game is to make sure that you’re logging events in accordance with the syntax that your platform requires. Often times, the analytics company will provide you with a piece of code to help you with this.

Next Step - SDK's and API's

Next up is reviewing and installing the SDK’s that help connect your game with the analytics platform. During this time you’ll also want to make sure that all API’s are connected and working properly.

Lastly - Storage and Security - Enterprise vs. SaaS

Once you have the everything connected, it’s time to start thinking about security - are you storing your data in the cloud or on a physical server? Recently, our CEO Dmitri Williams wrote a blog post on Gamasutra, touching on these analytics preliminaries in detail - including security and enterprise vs. SaaS and understanding real-time. You can take a look at it here for more insight on getting starting with video game analytics and big data, and stay tuned for part II -  “Basic Definitions” - in the coming weeks. prediction-the-future-of-game-analytics

Topics: Game Analytics, Mobile Game Analytics, Online Game Analytics

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