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Games Deals, Asia Mobile App Revenues, App Store Rejections

Posted by Zach Taiji

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May 13, 2015 9:46:00 AM

Ninja_Round-upGaming deals hit an inflection point

Last year was huge for M&As in the video game industry - Minecraft’s creator Mojang was bought by Microsoft for $2.5B, Facebook bought Oculus for $2B, and King, creator of popular Candy Crush, went public on the stock market. The total value of M&As in 2014 surpassed $180B - can 2015 match it?

According to a new report by Digi-Capital, mobile and MMOs are making the greatest returns for 2015, but social gaming is on a 10% decline. Take a look at the full report on Gamasutra here. Do you think 2015 is going to set a record for video game industry M&As and investment?

Mobile App Revenues in Asia

A recent report by App Annie has revealed that video games are driving 90% of all mobile app revenues across Japan and South Korea. When compared to the United States, Japanese mobile gamers average around 3 times more gaming sessions per month, and 7.5 times more than the United Kingdom.

What kinds of mobile games are being played most in Japan and South Korea? Take a look at highlights from App Annie’s report here on GamesIndustry.

App Store Rejections

According to Gamasutra, iOS game developers are now facing stronger enforcement of Apple developer policies, specifically regarding apps that mention other platforms. Section 3.1 of Apple’s developer policy states that “Apps or metadata that mentions the name of any other mobile platform will be rejected”.

Just recently, an iOS developer provided support for Pebble’s smartwatch in their app and it was rejected by Apple, because it included mention of an irrelevant, third-party platform. This unfortunately has extended to the game developer community - Little White Bears Studios was recently rejected by the App Store because it included a video ad that had Google and Amazon badges.

An easy way to fix the issue is by not mentioning competitors or third-parties at all in your App Store description. If the issue is with in-game ads, take a look at the article on Gamasutra here for more information.


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