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Mobile Games Advertising, Soft Launch Games and Early Access Tips

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Feb 13, 2015 11:11:02 AM

Ninja Round-Up Katana GuyTaking Advantage of an Opportunity in Mobile Games Advertising

It’s been recently estimated that over $500B in U.S. retail sales is directly influenced by mobile content, and by 2016, mobile’s influence on in-store sales is expected to jump from 20% to 50%. This creates a huge opportunity for video game developers that need in-game advertising for revenue. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Pay close attention to your mobile-influenced players by personalizing their experiences with targeted ads.
  • Pursue your competitors’ mobile-influence players
  • Expand your in-game advertising strategy among other channels

You can take a look at this article on VentureBeat, detailing the above tips. While they’re focused on general mobile marketing strategies, they can be easily applied to your mobile game advertising plan.

Top Soft Launch Mobile Games

Soft launching a mobile game can be defined as releasing it on an app store without promoting it through advertising, public relations or marketing. It’s a great tactic for mobile game developers that need public beta testers to help fine-tune their games while gauging overall interest, without the mass criticism that could potentially harm sales and reputation.

Game developers of all sizes use this tactic, from a one-man indie team to juggernauts like Rovio. PocketGamer has put together a top 13 list of some of the best soft launch games you should keep an eye on. Take a look at the list here.

Tips for Early Access Developers

The early access business model has been all the the rage over the past few years, thanks to programs like Steam Early Access. Early access gives developers the funding they need to create a video game, while allowing people to play the game throughout the development process and provide feedback to improve it.

Unfortunately, not all developers follow through with the business model and abandon their games, leaving players in the dust. The good news is that there’s still hope for early access thanks to successful games like Wasteland 2 and Kerbal Space Program. Gamasutra recently spoke to several of these developers to gain insight into their success, you can take a look at their tips here. Social Value White Paper Ninja Matrics

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