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Ninja Metrics Launches Katana® Analytics Engine For Game Industry

Posted by Greg Kathol

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Nov 13, 2013 3:35:00 PM

Earlier this week, we announced the launch of our flagship product, the Katana® Social Analytics Engine. Using Katana® and its Social Value Metric, game companies can measure the true value of social interactions and identify key influencers (social whales) and how much that influence is worth in real monetary value. It tracks and predicts outcomes that are important to game developers and marketers. Katana® predicts which users will likely churn and identifies which events lead to conversion. We also announced the closing of our seed round at $2.8 million from Harvard Business School Angels and Tech Coast Angels.

Check out some highlights of the coverage we received from our announcement: 

  • Venture Beat
  • Dow Jones
  • Los Angeles Business Journal
  • TNW - The Next Web Social Value White Paper Ninja Matrics

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