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Ninja News Roundup: Future Mobile Game Revenues, an Evolving Industry and Upcoming Gaming Technologies

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Jun 19, 2014 1:00:00 PM

Ninja Round-up2016 Mobile Game Revenues

A new report released by Juniper Research has projected that the mobile video games market value will surpass $29B by 2016 - a 38% increase since this year’s total mobile game revenues of $20.9B.

While mobile gaming is paving the way for the future and seeing rapid growth, dedicated game hardware such as consoles are still expected to continue serving a niche audience, the report states.

This news is on par with a similar report released earlier this year, stating that the total games industry (mobile and traditional combined) is expected to surpass $100B in revenue. You can read more on Juniper Research’s report here.

How the Games Industry has Evolved

For Develop-Online, it’s been nearly 14 years since they first touched a video game, back in December 2000. Since then, the world has seen almost 3 generations of consoles and brand new gaming markets including mobile, virtual/augmented reality,  social gaming and most importantly indie.

As the industry has grown in value, we’ve seen an increasing amount of indies be able to create games more freely, and not be completely strapped for cash, turning what was once a hobby into a job. When asked about the current balance of publisher and developer power, Ivan Baverstock of Tenshi Partners said “The power of the publishers has been eroded. Even the studios that historically have been much dependent on them have now got other sources of revenue, other routes to market and effectively more power within the ecosystem.”

Develop-Online recently wrote a great article about how much the industry has evolved, from AAA-only titles taking the big picture to the rise of the indies. You can read it here.

Upcoming Gaming Technologies

While video game announcements took the front stage last week at E3, the event wasn’t without some exciting upcoming technologies. Unfortunately we didn’t get a sight of Valve’s Steam OS and Steam Machines (PC-gaming consoles), but we did see some new announcements from the likes Oculus, Sony and Square Enix.

You can take a look at VentureBeat’s CES 2014 gaming technologies roundup here. What upcoming technology are you most excited for? prediction-the-future-of-game-analytics

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