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Ninja News Roundup: Mobile Games Dominance, App Store Optimization and Game Company Acquisitions

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Jul 10, 2014 2:14:07 PM

Ninja Metrics Round-upMobile Games Dominance

A new study by Midia Research has found some surprising numbers for the mobile apps world - nearly 85% of the top grossing apps on both the App Store and Google Play store are video games.

The study was conducted by analyzing the top 50 grossing apps on each store in the UK, US, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Coming in second place for the highest grossing app category was social networking at 4.1%.

You can read more about Midia’s report on app market trends here on the Guardian.

Optimizing your App with the Right Keywords

App Store optimization is sort of the like web SEO in the mobile apps world - the right combination of keywords can be a vital component to helping your app gain visibility among the current pool of over 1.5 million apps. App Store optimization (ASO) is so important that a recent study by Nielsen showed that 63% of mobile app downloads originate from app store search queries.

Finding relevant keywords for your app is the first task. There are a few tools to help you identify and score relevant keywords, but you’ll also want to take a look at competitor keywords and compare with tools like Appnique and Sensor Tower. Google Trends can also be a huge help - here’s a great in-depth tutorial on how to find the right keywords.

The second part of ASO is selecting the right keywords, because you don’t want to include everything (for instance, the App Store limits the length of your keyword list to just 100 characters). Here’s a nice little equation to help you determine the best keywords:

(High Relevance) + (Appropriate Difficulty) + (Some Traffic) = Increased Downloads

Check out this article on Gamasutra, written by Szilard Szasz-Toth, that describes the above equation to help you select the right keywords for your mobile app.

Game Company Acquisitions

Just in the last year, total video game company acquisitions have been valued at more than $12.5 billion, according to a report by Digi-Capital. Broken down, $4.6B worth of these acquisitions was mobile based, $4B was attributed to MMO’s, $2.5B was in game technology deals and only $1B was in video game console acquisitions. What are the factors that drove these game company acquisitions?

VentureBeat recently talked with Tim Merel, managing director at Digi-Capital, to discuss the five main factors to this video game industry “consolidation crush” - including mobile growth, mobile cannibalization, regional realignment, legacy pivots and market cycle. You can read it here.  Social Value White Paper Ninja Matrics

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