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Ninja News Roundup: Mobile Games Market Facts, Transitioning from Movies to Games and Game Design Nightmares

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Jul 24, 2014 10:22:30 AM

Ninja News Round-up for the Video Game IndustryMobile Games Market Facts

A recent poll of over ten thousand app developers has revealed a bunch of new facts about where the current mobile gaming market stands. Not surprisingly, many of the facts have revealed how difficult it can be to make money from a mobile game, due to the increasing competition.

One of the studies showed that 33% of all app developers make mobile games, but more than 57% of those games make less than $500 a month. But even though income is down, the overall app store revenues are dominated by mobile gaming (over 80% of app store revenues are attributed to the games category).

So how can developers find success in a flooded market? According to the poll, game developers say that experience is the most important factor for success - the more games a developer has shipped, the more likely they are to get a decent income out of the industry.

You can read the full State of the Developer Nation report here, created by Developer Economics, for more interesting facts about the mobile gaming market.

Transitioning from Film Directing to Making Video Games

We’ve been seeing more film directors make a transition to the video games industry in recent years, as both mediums have started to share more similarities in plotlines, animation, motion capture and overall immersiveness. While the word ‘director’ is synonymous across both industries, there are similarities between the two.

Develop-Online recently sat down with a few directorsto discuss the topic. John Dower, former director of UK television shows Eastenders and Casualty, was one of the first film directors to make the move to games. When asked about the transition, he said “I think directors should approach games ‘because they are there’, I don’t think it’s sensible today for a director to say ‘I just like film’, ‘I just like television’ or ‘theater is the pure art’.

Games are bigger than all that now, so I think it would be snobby for a director not to take a game seriously. That’s not to say I think all games are great or that their direction can’t be much better, because it can. But I don’t want to get left behind as directing changes, and I don’t think other directors should either.”

You can take a look at the article here for more insight from film and games directors on the topic.

Game Designer Nightmares

A video game designer’s job consists of many duties including creating eye candy, designing levels and creating an overall engaging experience. It’s a tough balance, and can be stressful since designers are often in charge of a majority of the game’s development.

Game designer Svyatoslav Torick recently wrote an article highlighting 5 of the most popular pitfalls that modern game designers often face, with some great solutions. You can read it on Gamasutra here. prediction-the-future-of-game-analytics

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