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Ninja News Roundup: Multiplayer Gaming Woes, Mobile Consumption, Amazon buys Twitch

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Aug 28, 2014 9:48:43 AM

Ninja Metrics Game NewsOvercoming a Poor Multiplayer Mobile Game Experience

Mobile gaming is the currently the fastest growing video game industry, as revenue tripled last year to over $16B. Since smartphones and tablets have the capability to be connected to the virtual world from anywhere, they can be a great opportunity for players who want a convenient multiplayer experience without having to be confined to an at-home console.

Unfortunately, many multiplayer mobile games don’t provide the same lag-free and real-time experience that their console counterparts do - and this can be tough on the developer who is often only given one chance to get it right, due to low player retention in the flooded mobile games market.

So how can you provide the fastest mobile experience for your online players? Scalability is one way to start - as you acquire more users from around the world, you’ll want to make sure that your game’s servers can handle the growth. Intelligent data distribution is another solution. According to Sean Bowen, CEO of Push Technology, “Mobile apps that incorporate Intelligent data distribution are able to intelligently understand data, sending only lightweight delta data packets that software can quickly interpret and update in sequence to ensure a seamless gaming experience.”

Lastly, data recovery is important for sending relevant information to app users when a lost connection is restored. Take a look at this article on VentureBeat, written by Sean Bowen, for more insight on optimizing your mobile multiplayer game.

Mobile Consumption Report

There’s no doubt that mobile has now become one of technology’s top industry drivers, and there are countless reports and studies to show for it. But what we’ve haven’t seen much of is how consumers are spending their time on mobile apps, the ecosystem which plays a large part in driving the industry.

Thanks to a recent report by comScore, they’ve broken down app user habits for a variety of interesting stats. The “U.S. Mobile App Report” found that just in the last year, total U.S. digital media time spent has jumped 24%, with a 52% rise in mobile app usage - and on average, 7 out of every 8 minutes on a mobile device is spent from within an app.

The report also found that as mobile usage is on the rise, desktop usage is declining at a loss of 13% in just over a year. You can download the full report here for free which highlights several other usage stats such as browser popularity, usage by day/month, number of average downloads, a breakdown by platform and more.

Amazon buys Twitch

Perhaps the most surprising news to come out of the video games industry this week was the announcement of live video game streaming platform Twitch being acquired by online retail giant Amazon for nearly $1 billion.

Just recently, it was rumored that Twitch would be bought out by the king of online streaming, Google and YouTube - a seemingly fitting acquisition - but the tables were quickly turned because both companies couldn’t come to a proper breakup fee agreement, in the event that regulators wouldn't allow the deal to close.

Since Amazon quickly jumped on the opportunity, what does the future mean for both companies? Some say the acquisition is an attempt to beat out Apple and Google, while Amazon itself said it’s an opportunity for the company to show its belief in the future of gaming. Let us know what you think about the acquisition in the comments below. Social Value White Paper Ninja Matrics

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