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Ninja News Roundup: Porting a Video Game, Virtual Reality Guidelines and Pitching Your Video Game

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Aug 14, 2014 11:29:57 AM

Video Game News | Ninja MetricsWhat goes into porting a video game?

Software is traditionally developed natively on a single platform - such as iOS or Android - but in recent years, technologies like PhoneGap and Appcelerator have brought cross-platform development to the masses, eliminating the need to natively re-code. When creating a video game though, compatibility issues can ensue when going the PhoneGap route.

That’s where porting companies come in - they’ll take your game and port it to other mobile platforms for you. They’re also very useful for porting console video games, since consoles haven’t really opened up to cross-platform development too much yet.

BlitWorks is a popular video game porting company that has brought games like Fez and Jet Set Radio to a variety of gaming platforms, and they recently shared their thoughts

in an interview about how game creators can make their work easier to port to other platforms, as well as what exactly goes into porting a video game.

When asked about how the industry as a whole can improve the process of porting games, Miguel Angel Horna, Co-founder and lead programmer of BlitWorks said “"The number one showstopper in game porting is the usage of closed-source tools, engines or libraries. Game developers should be aware of the technical decisions they are making, and how they will later affect portability of their game."

Check out the BlitWorks interview with Gamasutra here to learn more about how video game porting works.

5 guidelines for effective VR design

The Virtual Reality revolution has come in full force this year with companies like Sony and Oculus VR taking the main stage. Sony literally took the stage at GDC Europe earlier this week to discuss where the industry is headed and how developers can take advantage of the technology.

"This believable sense of presence in the world changes pretty much everything, and so we have to change how we approach game design accordingly” said Jed Ashforth, senior game designer at Sony Computer Entertainment's Worldwide Studios Tech Group. Take a look at the five guidelines that Jed and Sony laid out at the GDC keynote here on Gamesindustry to learn more.

Pitching your video game

Getting your video game out to the press, publishers, platform holders and most importantly players can be a real challenge, and takes a newset of business skills besides game development to become successful. According to Rami Ismail, head of business development at Vlambeer (creators of the popular Ridiculous Fishing Game), the first step is to “Never be afraid to pitch your game - just go and do it.”

Rami elaborated on those words recently at GDC Europe in Cologne, talking about how pitching your video game is “communicating a value proposition in the most effective way, A lot of business people will tell you it's about money, but it doesn't have to be. It basically means you have something that will increase value for both the other party and yourself. It doesn't matter if that's creative, or economical – it just matters that it's value. It's something that anybody can do – not something you need a degree for or be a gifted speaker for. You need to work out what you want to say, practice that, and go with it.”

You can read more from Rami’s GDC presentation here on PocketGamer for additional insight. Social Value White Paper Ninja Matrics

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