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Ninja News Roundup: Publishing Indies and the Making of Threes

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Apr 10, 2014 11:00:53 AM

Game Industry NewsPublishing Indies in the Era of Self-Publishing

As an indie game developer, team members are often a jack-of-all-trades - marketing and promoting a game, working with a PR team, finding the right ads, and doing many other things all the while developing the actual game.

As indie gaming has exploded in recent years and digital marketing requires more attention with the popularity of social media, independent publishers need help more than ever, says Steve Escalante, head of Versus Evil.

In this article on, Steve talks about exactly where small developers want/need help in different areas of marketing and promotion - from PR to advertising.

The Making of Threes

Threes is currently one of the most popular games for iOS and Android, holding a 92% approval rating on Metacritic, and was co-founded by one of the guys that worked on the smash hit, Ridiculous Fishing. recently sat down with co-founders Greg Wohlwend and Asher Vollmer about Three’s development process, from brainstorming to production.

The idea of Threes originally started with Asher Vollmer, and was a result of “procrastination and an ill-fated attempt at being a broader human being. I wanted to try working on a project that wasn't game related, so I opened up a word processor and tried writing a short story. It turns out that writing is the hardest thing on the planet, so I ended up writing two sentences and flailing for the rest of the evening. Mid-flail I started playing with the arrow keys in Word and watching the cursor move about. That's when it occurred to me that, ‘Hey I bet I can make a game that only uses the arrow keys.' I insta-closed Word and opened up Unity and then ten hours later the very first prototype existed."

It wasn’t until mid-2013 that development of Threes ramped up, and several iterations later the app launched in January 2014. One of the biggest issues that the Threes team faced soon after launch was the incoming flood of imitators and copycats. You can read more about that and the whole Threes case study here on - a great article for anyone interested in the success of an indie game from start to finish.

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