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Ninja News Roundup: Smart Enemy AI and Anti-Aging Mobile Game Tips

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Mar 13, 2014 10:42:21 AM

Ninja Metrics Round UpCan Players Handle Smart Enemy NPCs and AI?

There’s no doubt that video game AI has been getting progressively smarter over the years. In an old shooter like Doom, enemy NPCs would simply charge at the player. Nowadays, video games like Call of Duty take in several surrounding and situational factors, resulting in enemy NPCs taking a “flank and cover fire” stance for example - to provide a more realistic and tougher gameplay experience.

A writer on Kotaku posted a great discussion earlier on whether video game players can handle this “Smart” AI from enemy NPCs, as she outlined a few surprising results based on a playtest study.

What the study found is that because most players were too caught up in an event, they didn’t take into account unique enemy AI positions and strategies. Players would then run away in that situation, and “camp” to fight off hordes of enemies one by one (not the tactic that the developer intended).

You can check out the article on Kotaku here to find out what the developer attempted as a solution.

Anti-Aging Mobile Game Tips

With at least 2 billion apps around the world, it can be hard to position your mobile game among the top rankings. One factor that’s dependent on success is being able to keep your game from aging in the constantly changing industry.

Ben Liu of Pocket Gems (who will be speaking at GDC next week) recently outlined 5 tips to help game developers evolve their games in meaningful ways over time with new content, features and gameplay. You can read the detailed article here on Gamasutra.

What are some of your own tips for keeping a mobile game fresh and among the ranks? Let us know in the comments below. Social Value White Paper Ninja Matrics

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