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Ninja News Roundup: The Mobile Games Market, Indie Startup Questions and Getting Inside the Mind of a Gamer

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Jul 17, 2014 9:00:42 AM

Katana And The Ninja Metrics News Round-UpMobile Game Market: Who’s Dominating?

While Android and iOS are the most popular platforms for mobile gaming, who comes out on top? Just in raw number of downloads, Google Play is winningthe war by over 60% - but what matters most is the bottom line, and who’s making the most money.

Thanks to recent mobile games spending in China and Japan, Apple’s App Store makes 80% more revenue than Google Play, contributing to the majority of last year’s $16B in global mobile games spending. If you’re looking to make some money from the mobile games industry boom, you’re probably best off sticking with iOS as your primary mobile platform.

You can read more about how the US, Japan and China recently came to a deal that resulted in a huge revenue gain for the iOS platform, here on VentureBeat.

Indie Startup Questions

If you’re part of a fresh indie startup, chances are that you’re working with a small team and a full plate of responsibilities - which can be very overwhelming. Overcoming these obstacles can be extremely rewarding though in the end, and one of the most important things you can do to help along the way is to answer some questions that cover the scope of your business.

To prepare for the best and worst of your indie startup, it’s best to break down your fundamental questions based on the business cycle in five steps: Value Creation, Marketing, Sales, Value Delivery and Finance. Here are a few important start questions you and the team should ask yourselves:

  • Is everyone 100% committed to the project / studio?
  • Do you have enough money / time to bootstrap the development?
  • Is there is a clear market demand for the game?
  • Are you going to involve community input to design the game?
  • Using Embargoed Announcements to maximize reach?
  • Have you maximized the sales outlets for the game?
  • Have you cashflowed your actual ins and outs for production?

Simon Bennett of Gamasutra recently wrote an article highlighting 50 questions an indie startup should ask themselves - take a look at it here for more insight on the subject.

Getting Inside the Mind of a Gamer

Communicating your ideas through your gaming customers to inspire emotion and create satisfying experiences is one of the most important aspects of your video game - but how do you get inside the mind of a gamer?

Berni Good, a Psychologist specializing in video games and founder of Cyberpsychologist Ltd, recently brought together a team of people to discuss the academic principles of psychology with its practical application at the Develop gaming conference.

During the event, Dr Linda Kaye from Edge Hill University said “social context impacts the emotional experience of playing digital games and social flow depends on a collaborative competence in a variety of ways - a shared sense of belonging and an awareness of the task-related skills required.”

You can read Pocket Gamer’s recent recap of the discussion here for more insight. prediction-the-future-of-game-analytics

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