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Ninja News Roundup: User Acquisition, Tips for Improving Programming Skills and Advice for Indies

Posted by Dmitri Williams

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Aug 7, 2014 4:31:27 PM

Ninja Metrics NewsWhat video games teach us about user acquisition

Two of the biggest challenges that a video game developer faces when monetizing their game is first acquiring users, then converting them into customers through some sort of paid method.

Fortunately, many games companies nowadays have a pretty good grip on user acquisition methods compared to other industries - thanks to business models like free-to-play and the increasing popularity of gaming user-acquisition experts, big data and analytics.

So what are video games teaching us about user and customer acquisition? Kimberly Pointer, marketer for video game publisher Kabam, recently told VentureBeat that trial and error is a key to success, and that multi-step experiences help boost engagement in the beginning: “The relevancy and engagement of the click is what matters, not just fewer steps. You benefit from adding this at the beginning of the funnel.”

Take a look at the article on VentureBeat here, as Kimberly describes the multi-step user acquisition experience in more detail.

Unconventional tips for improving your programming skills

With plenty of online technical resources available to help you improve your programming skills, learning has become much easier and accessible over the years compared to a traditional education. But what we don’t see much of in terms of programming resources are the unconventional tips - things you can do in your personal life to improve the overall programming experience. After all, programming can be both stressful and time consuming.

Game Career Guide recently wrote a helpful article outlining 5 things you can do in your life to improve the overall programming experience - including how to get proper rest, taking breaks for productivity, teaching yourself to get excited for work and more. You can read the full article here.

Advice for Indies recently had a chance to chat with Dan Adelman, former Nintendo head of digital content, about advice for indie developers. Dan discussed some of the most important aspects of a video game - from price to product and promotion.

When asked about the changing video game landscape, Dan said "In terms of the economics of the industry it's a little bit of a doom and gloom situation where you have the worst of both worlds. There's very low barriers to entry because the development tools are becoming easier and easier to use, they're becoming cheaper, anyone can make a game.”

“And on the other hand we've got the fact that marginal cost is zero means that everyone is going to keep reducing their prices down to zero so we're seeing this race down to 99c on the App Store. And now people are trying to get even lower so you've got bundles and free-to-play and everyone is trying to figure how to get closer and closer to zero, which is not a healthy way to be.”

Take a look at the full article here for more indie developer insight from Dan. prediction-the-future-of-game-analytics

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