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Steam Refund Policy, WWDC Game Developer Highlights, Google Cardboard and VR

Posted by Zach Taiji

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Jun 10, 2015 5:06:28 PM

Steam Refund Policy

Last week Steam introduced its refund policy, allowing customers to request refunds on games, DLC and microtransactions within two weeks of purchase and with less than two hours of playtime.

Kotaku recently reported a huge increase in refunds since the feature was introduced, which has been met with criticism among developers and gamers who believe the system is being taken advantage of and hurting overall sales.

An article on Gamasutra highlights responses from indie game developers on the topic with statistics - you can read it by clicking here. What do you think about Steam refunds? Are they good or bad for game developers?

WWDC Game Developer Highlights

Aside from Apple’s major WWDC announcements earlier this week including OS X 10.11 (code-named El Capitan), iOS 9 and Watch OS 2, the conference had a big surprise for game developers.

Metal, which was introduced at last year’s WWDC as a new graphics technology for iOS, is now coming to the Mac. Metal is Apple’s hardware-accelerated graphics API that aims to have better performance than OpenGL, by featuring low overhead and synchronization/shared memory between the GPU and CPU.

Epic Games demoed the Mac desktop version of Metal during the WWDC 2015 keynote with their upcoming game, Fornite, showing huge improvements on the player experience and ease of game development. For more information on the announcement and to watch the keynote, click here.

Google Cardboard vs VR

Cardboard is Google’s answer to VR: do-it-yourself cardboard VR goggles that use your smartphone as the display. While Google Carboard isn’t as proper or refined as devices like the Oculus Rift, it has generated a lot of interest and buzz over the last year due to its affordability and open-source nature.

With Google announcing Cardboard for iOS devices and over 1 million sales of its Cardboard VR mounts at Google I/O 2015, the device is expected to become more popular than ever among enthusiasts.

What do game developers think about Google Cardboard versus more established devices like the Oculus Rift? Is it good or bad for the VR industry? PocketGamer recently asked a few industry professionals to provide their insight, you can take a look at their responses by clicking here.

Topics: Game News, Game Industry

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