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The Father of Video Games, Facebook’s & Apple’s Games of the Year and Facebook Retargeting for Indies

Posted by Greg Kathol

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Dec 11, 2014 1:31:00 PM

Ninja MetricsFacebook’s & Apple’s Games of the Year

On Wednesday, Facebook announced their favorite Facebook and mobile games of the year for 2014. Facebook chose Cookie Jam as their top game of the year, a puzzle-based game where players try to match ingredients and complete recipes. As for mobile games, take a look at Facebook’s top picks below - most of which were dominated by the base-building strategy (think Clash of Clans) type of games:

  1. Boom Beach
  2. Crazy Taxi
  3. Disco Bees
  4. Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff
  5. Star Wars: Commander

Earlier this week, Apple released their mobile picks of the year (including both apps and games). Apple’s favorite mobile games included the wildly popular Monument Valley, Threes!, Device 6, Blek and Leo’s Fortune - all games that we love here at Ninja Metrics. What are your favorite mobile games from 2014? Share your picks in the comments below.

The Father of Video Games

On Monday, the video game world lost one of its most influential people, Ralph Baer, otherwise known as the father of video games. He was 92 years old at the time of passing. Baer earned over 150 patents throughout his life, and is best-known for creating a video game console called the Brown Box, which was later released to consumers in 1972 as the Magnavox Odyssey.

Baer also helped develop the light gun, which you might remember from the days of Duck Hunt for NES, and he also created the famous memory game, Simon.

Baer left this world with a National Medal of Technology and an induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. You can learn more about his life here.

Facebook Retargeting for Indies

Facebook can be a very powerful marketing tool for game developers, since it has over 1.25 billion active users. As an indie developer, it can be an affordable way to start out, and Facebook has refined their advertising platform over the years to offer a wide variety of targeting options.

One way to make use of the social media platform is by doing retargeting. What’s retargeting? It’s where you send ads to people who have already visited your website, app or social media page. This is good, because you’re targeting someone who is familiar with your company, making it much easier to grab their attention. 

Indie developer and marketer Bryan Fisher recently wrote an article and guide about Facebook retargeting on Gamasutra. You can read it here for more insight. prediction-the-future-of-game-analytics

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