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Ninja News Roundup: F2P vs Premium, Rising Next-Gen Dev Costs and Inside the Mind of GameDevs

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May 15, 2014 10:10:00 AM

Ninja Metrics game industry newsF2P vs Premium

What’s the best business model for your game - free to play with in-app purchases, or the traditional, pay once for everything “premium” model? According to Josh Tsui, President and co-founder of Robomodo, it’s both.

Tsui thinks that more developers should be offering both a paid and F2P version of their games - one for core gamers, and the other for casual gamers.

This strategy has been attempted in the past with g

ames like Table Top Racing and Bombcats, but hasn’t really taken off. Check out this article on for more insights into this unique business model. Why not cover all bases and bring in a larger audience, by making your game available to all audiences?

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Topics: Game Development, Game Industry, F2P

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