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Ninja News Roundup: Mobile Games Market Facts, Transitioning from Movies to Games and Game Design Nightmares

Posted by Ninja Metrics | Blog

Jul 24, 2014 10:22:30 AM

Ninja News Round-up for the Video Game IndustryMobile Games Market Facts

A recent poll of over ten thousand app developers has revealed a bunch of new facts about where the current mobile gaming market stands. Not surprisingly, many of the facts have revealed how difficult it can be to make money from a mobile game, due to the increasing competition.

One of the studies showed that 33% of all app developers make mobile games, but more than 57% of those games make less than $500 a month. But even though income is down, the overall app store revenues are dominated by mobile gaming (over 80% of app store revenues are attributed to the games category).

So how can developers find success in a flooded market? According to the poll, game developers say that experience is the most important factor for success - the more games a developer has shipped, the more likely they are to get a decent income out of the industry.

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Ninja News Roundup: Future Mobile Game Revenues, an Evolving Industry and Upcoming Gaming Technologies

Posted by Ninja Metrics | Blog

Jun 19, 2014 1:00:00 PM

Ninja Round-up2016 Mobile Game Revenues

A new report released by Juniper Research has projected that the mobile video games market value will surpass $29B by 2016 - a 38% increase since this year’s total mobile game revenues of $20.9B.

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Ninja News Roundup: WWDC 2014 Recap and Deciding on the Right Monetization Model

Posted by Ninja Metrics | Blog

Jun 6, 2014 9:02:00 AM

Ninja Metrics Round UpWWDC 2014 Recap

This week has been jam-packed with Apple news since the much anticipated Worldwide Developer’s Conference started on Monday. Monday morning's Keynote by top Apple executives had tons of software announcements for developers and consumers - including updates to both of their desktop and mobile operating systems.

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Solo Players 65.3% More Likely To Quit vs Playing with Others

Posted by Dmitri Williams

Jun 3, 2014 12:17:00 PM

Increase Customer Retention With Social Engagement

While playing video games solo can be fun, playing within a network of other gamers increases customer retention through engagement. This is a key metric for developers, who are looking to further monetize their games.

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Topics: Game Analytics, Game Development, Video Game Marketing

Ninja News Roundup: F2P vs Premium, Rising Next-Gen Dev Costs and Inside the Mind of GameDevs

Posted by Ninja Metrics | Blog

May 15, 2014 10:10:00 AM

Ninja Metrics game industry newsF2P vs Premium

What’s the best business model for your game - free to play with in-app purchases, or the traditional, pay once for everything “premium” model? According to Josh Tsui, President and co-founder of Robomodo, it’s both.

Tsui thinks that more developers should be offering both a paid and F2P version of their games - one for core gamers, and the other for casual gamers.

This strategy has been attempted in the past with g

ames like Table Top Racing and Bombcats, but hasn’t really taken off. Check out this article on for more insights into this unique business model. Why not cover all bases and bring in a larger audience, by making your game available to all audiences?

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Ninja News Roundup: Making a Video Game Story, Common Questions and the Rise of Mobile in China

Posted by Ninja Metrics | Blog

May 8, 2014 9:53:39 AM

Ninja Metrics Game News Round-upThe Makings of a Video Game Story

A story, in general, is a sequence of told events that eventually culminate in an outcome. This applies to all forms of media, whether it be a movie, book or video game. But what are the unique components that make up a video game story?

Since games allow more choice when compared to traditional forms of media (movies, books), the player has the unique ability to dictate how a story plays out. This is an important element that any video game developer should consider, as part of the two main types of video games stories: the traditional, planned narrative (think linear/on rails) and the emergent narrative (think open world, sandbox).

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Ninja News Roundup: Cheap Gamedev Resources, Gamedev Experience and Top Game Engines

Posted by Ninja Metrics | Blog

May 1, 2014 7:57:00 AM

Ninja Metrics News Round-upGame Development Resources on the Cheap

If you’re a first time indie developer, the majority of your funds are most likely coming from straight out of pocket, and game development isn’t cheap (particularly software). Most indie titles cost tens of thousands of dollars to make with a large portion of those fees being attributed to software licenses.

Thankfully, due to the recent growth of the indie-dev market, there’s a great amount of affordable and scalable software for first timers looking to get into the industry. Game developer Jamie Aisthorpe has put together a great list of resources for “The Poor Game Developer” over on GamaSutra

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Topics: Game Development, Game News, Game Industry

Ninja News Roundup: F2P Long-term Player Retention, Going to School and Fighting for Mobile Exclusivity

Posted by Ninja Metrics | Blog

Apr 24, 2014 8:08:00 AM

Ninja Metrics, Inc.F2P Long-term Player Retention

Making a great first impression for your players with an engaging and fun experience is the start to success of any video game, but it doesn’t end there - the next important step (especially in Free-to-Play) is getting them to stay hooked and come back for more.

With F2P games, player retention is the most important piece to the puzzle - you aren’t going to make any revenue if you can’t keep players engaged and convince them to buy IAP’s. Even more important is planning for the long-term, for example, engaging player by creating a vision of what the player might become if some time, and possibly some money, is put into the game.

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Ninja News Roundup: 2014 Gaming Trends and Buying Into Alpha Funding

Posted by Ninja Metrics | Blog

Jan 10, 2014 11:52:00 AM

Ninja Metrics Weekly Round-upWith the start of the new year and some exciting emerging technology from events like CES 2014, we’ve put together a weekly roundup of the best video game, analytics, and social-gaming news/insights. Take a look at a few of our top picks from the last week:

2014 Gaming Trends: Wearable Tech, VR, and AR at CES

Last year, Oculus made headlines by raising over $2M for its first iteration of a Virtual Reality gaming headset called the Rift. Earlier this week, the company made a return at CES 2014 by debuting its second prototype, call the Rift “Crystal Cove” - adding 1080p, an AMOLED screen, and several other features.


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Do Analytics Help or Hurt the Creative Process of Game Development?

Posted by Dmitri Williams

Nov 20, 2013 7:11:00 AM

For starters, analytics are rarely used in pre-launch development, unless it’s the rare case where intelligence gathered from one title informs the next. They are more typically seen post-launch. When they are used in a live service with creative iteration taking place, they can be very helpful so long as the dev team follows best practices.

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