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Why Apps Fail, Fixing the F2P Image, Misconceptions About UX

Posted by Greg Kathol

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Apr 9, 2015 8:31:00 AM

Why do Apps Fail?

As the mobile apps market continues to grow, developers’ chances of becoming successful decrease with stiffer competition. And the growth is not letting up anytime soon - by 2017, the number of app downloads is expected to reach 269 billion (that’s almost 40 app downloads per person in the world!).

Unfortunately to make things worse, 44% of app issues are found directly by the user, which can result in a make or break experience for the developer. What are the technical challenges developers face nowadays, and how can they overcome them to be successful?

Rapid innovation, increased complexity due to technological advancements and testing challenges are all things that plague game devs in the development process. Eran Kinsbruner of Perfecto Mobile has created a guide on Develop Online to help overcome these challenges - you can take a look at it by clicking here.

Fixing the F2P Image

Free-to-Play (F2P) is unarguably the most popular video game business model these days, but it is criticized and frowned upon by many gamers (especially core gamers that want a full gaming experience).

Unfortunately, F2P doesn’t just exist in the mobile gaming space, it has also reached PC and console gaming in the form of in-game microtransactions, displeasing the core gaming audience even further.

Why is F2P frustrating for the player? Because most players spend their in-game transactions at a frustrating moment, which builds a bad connection with the pay-to-play experience. For instance, Candy Crush is an F2P that doesn’t ask for player’s money until they’re stuck on a level. After many frustrating attempts to get past a level and no other options, players resort to purchasing in-game helpers to beat t.

Many F2P games are following this exact business model, essentially locking players out of the game until they spend more. GamesIndustry recently put together an article about the problem, and how to fix it with a stronger marketing and business model initiative - you can read it here.

Top Misconceptions About UX

User Experience (UX) has become a pretty popular trend in the video game industry over the past few years, which explores what your players experience within your game, using neuroscience and psychology.

Unfortunately, UX in the games industry is misunderstood a lot of the time (especially since the term UX applies to many other industries). Game developer Celia Hodnet recently wrote an article about UX misconceptions in video games with explanations - you can take a look at it here on Gamasutra. True Ad Value™ White Paper Download

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