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This case study illustrates how in the pink, the nation’s largest chain of Lilly Pulitzer® Signature Stores, capitalized on a first-of-its-kind Social Value integration between in the pink, Springboard Retail, and Ninja Metrics. Springboard Retail’s robust mobile POS system provided the data and Katana, Ninja Metrics’ market-leading predictive analytics tool, laid the foundation for an in-depth analysis of in the pink’s Social Value insights. This easy-to-use technology and visibility enabled in the pink to deliver a 11% lift in revenue, 16% increase in new customers, and 17% gain in items per transaction during the Columbus Day sales event.

Using Social Value, best-practice segmentation, targeted messaging, and a community-focused approach, Ninja Metrics and in the pink generated an increase in revenue and new customers during the week long Columbus Day sales event. 




Social Value: Spending a person causes among their friends and contacts.
Those causing the highest spending are called Social Whales®.



in the pink is a leading brand and store presence for a high-end women’s fashion designer, Lilly Pulitzer. in the pink features 10 brick-and-mortar storefronts in Massachusetts. The stores have organically created a community and party-like atmosphere driving millions of dollars in revenue each year.

in the pink uses Springboard Retail’s intuitive mobile Point of Sale (POS) system.

“We have a loyal and vibrant community surrounding both in the pink and Lilly Pulitzer.” states Gordon Russell, CEO of in the pink, “We are driven to find best practice approaches for social engagement within our stores. Ninja Metrics’ Social Value approach gives us an unfair advantage in that we truly know who our vital customers are. We now know, to the penny, which customers drive sales, and we don’t have to use any voodoo or guesswork from social media.”

in the pink was using email marketing campaigns successfully, but engagement had declined in recent months and compared to the previous year. The company was motivated to revitalize their social engagement strategy in order to increase traffic and drive engagement with their key customers.

The challenge was to use Katana to identify those key customers and then engage through them to reach a broader audience. Tight time frames put a strong focus on a quick and easy onboarding process with immediately actionable results.


The ingredients for success were simple and at hand. Springboard Retail’s system allowed easy access to basic POS data which was directly input into Katana. Gordon’s team was already tracking shopping patterns and successfully producing strong seasonal campaigns to keep engagement high and product lines fresh.

Gordon and his team were committed to raising the in store engagement and having a successful end of season sale.


in the pink and Springboard Retail didn’t just want a slew of data the team would have to wade through and analyze. They needed simple, actionable findings, and clear customer behavior patterns.

By connecting Springboard Retail’s POS data to Katana, the in the pink team was able to quickly see sorted lists of all of their customers, broken down by influence amounts in dollars. Who were the big spenders? More importantly, who were the Social Whales driving a lot of the spending?

The next step was leveraging those customers with a smart campaign.
Like many retailers, in the pink’s goals were to

  1. Increase traffic
  2. Maximize revenue
  3. Avoid spending hours comparing data

Ninja Metrics had to be able to present data in a way that was clear and easy to apply before the Columbus Day sales event - two weeks away.


in the pink launched a targeted email campaign and in-store event for the Columbus Day sales event. The messaging was connected to social ties between the shoppers rather than traditional discounts. The reasoning was that customers are of course driven by good products and good deals, but they are often driven more by a sense of belonging, status and membership in a friendship or group of friends. As a result, tapping those social forces generated a very large impact in store and buying, as shoppers used the store and the Lily Pulitzer brand to reinforce their connection to each other. What was the bottom line for this socially driven campaign?

Gordon Russell explained the lessons learned from using Katana:

“Obviously, we were thrilled to have such a big jump in revenue. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re all trying to achieve. But what we found so compelling was the way this came together. We had always pushed the importance of community and social connections in our in-store experience, but we’d never had a way to measure and act on it. This was a real validation of our thinking, made possible by this very simple tool.”

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