All players are not created equal. Some are worth more to you than others, but how can you tell which ones?

What if you had a way to not only know who they were, but to know exactly how much they would be worth, how long they’re going to stay, and how much they impact others? You do now.

Katana® gives you player-by-player lifetime values (LTVs), and takes it a step farther. Our advanced machine learning algorithms are fully automated, delivering you up-to-date accurate scores without any need for consulting or extra costs. Among other things, they’ll tell you for every player how much they’ll spend, their Social Value®, and the risk of them leaving.

Perfect LTV in Games for the First Time

Because we can give you Social Value, we’re able to truly break down the lifetime value of social game players, and at the same time tell you the value of your title. You see, our calculation of LTV essentially strips out all of the social effects that are in it and puts those into Social Value. What’s left is just the player and the game.

The High View

You can use our User Metrics to target and measure individual life time value, but you’ll start by simply looking at all of those LTVs added up. Why? Because our LTV gives you a true assessment of your title--the mechanics, the marketing, etc. Put together, they tell you for better or worse how much revenue the game is generating.

Top View of True Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) via Social Value<sup>®</sup>

Top Level View of True Social Value

This is a powerful complement to Social Value, which tells you how much revenue your community is generating. Taken together, you get a true understanding of where your revenue really comes from. Most games have a roughly 75/25 split, meaning that 75 cents on the dollar come from the game and 25 cents come from the community. Every game is different. What’s yours?

As with everything in Katana, you boost the usefulness by adding integration with e-mail marketing and push notification, or checking out segmentation. Let’s say you want to look at how these numbers change when you ran three promotions. Easy, instant breakdowns to show you perfect bottom-line impacts, showing what worked and what backfired:

Customer Lifetime Value of Game Promotion Comparison

Game Promotion Comparison - What Worked and What Didn't

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