Increase Revenue

Identify the Social Whales who influence others. When influencers buy, others follow. Give them deals tuned to their specific areas of influence and reach everyone.

Reduce Churn

Selectively retain the most valuable users based on the revenue they influence, not just their personal spend. Proactively see and prevent this with our predictive churn models.

Optimize Acquisition Media

Know who your valuable customers are (Social Whales) and get more of them, more efficiently. Focus on the channels that bring in the customers with the most social and spending influence.

Product Tuning

Optimize your product assortment, game mechanics, or app experience. When you know what the cool kids like, you know what everyone else is about to like. Promote it, improve it, or push it out.

Disruptive Analytics


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Learn how Ninja Metrics and in the pink™ raised revenue by 11% using Katana and Social Value® metrics.
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Ninja Metrics and APB Reloaded® improve new user engagement and lower cost per click by over 12%.
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