The main Dashboard Interface provides you with a high-level, executive overview of activity, allowing you to measure success and gauge your position period over period so you know exactly how you’re doing. It's nearly all aggregated metrics like Daily Active Users, ARPU, etc. See the Glossary if you need help understanding the many terms there.

Because it's all high-level, the dashboard is not a place to diagnose issues or take actions. It's the place to get quick info on general patterns like your user base, how much revenue is coming in, and what's on the horizon. Because of this, it's meant for your top executives who will often not have the time or the expertise to get down in the weeds at the individual user level (in User Metrics) or understanding what's driving the outcomes (in System Metrics).

Basic Metrics are the next level down from the main Dashboard. This is where a curious executive might dig a little deeper, but stay at a fairly high level.

The Summary portion of Basic Metrics is very similar to the topline dashboard, but allows for graphs and over-time analysis for the key metrics (KPIs).

In this example, the Daily Active Users of an application are tracked over time both as a raw number, as well as for their % change. Summary stats for DAU are given at the top.

Similar stats are there for all of the metrics on the page:

  • Daily Active Users
  • 1-Day Retention
  • 2-Day Retention
  • 7-Day Retention
  • New Users
  • Monthly Active Users
  • DAU as % of MAU
  • ARPU
  • Average Session Length (HH:MM)
  • Average Number of Sessions Per User
  • K-Factor