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Ninja Metrics takes all support requests seriously and we will answer your question or resolve your problem as quickly as possible. If you need to contact Ninja Customer Support then send an email to and a support representative will respond to your request.

Please include information that will help us resolve your problem, such as:

Describe the context and nature of the problem.

"I am getting a browser timeout" is more descriptive than "My site is down".

Provide the full URLs affected by the issue.

This includes URLs of page on our website where you see error listed.

Include the exact text of any error and where it's being displayed.

Telling us the exact error message allows us to more quickly identify the problem.

Tell us when the issue occurred (exact time and time zone).

This allows us to more accurately correlate the issue with any errors or abnormalities in your logs.

If relevant, attach screenshots or logs.

Include the browser's URL bar in any screenshots. Tell us the full path of the log file.

List the steps that will reproduce the issue.

Be precise in your steps so we can replicate the problem.

Tell us what you have done to try to resolve the issue yourself.

Did it change the symptoms you experienced at all? If you explain what did not work, you might keep us from trying something you have already tried. That could get us on a fruitful path more quickly.

Describe anything that was confusing about what happened.

This information can help us figure out what parts of our platform may be confusing you. This can suggest future improvements to user experience or documentation that may help straighten out the issue you are having and help other users as well.

Thank you,

Ninja Support