The Traffic portion or Katana examines where the users are coming from, and which sources are performing better or worse. You can view them one-by-one, or see the graphs for a more high-level view. This is a good way of comparing the costs you bear from these various sources against the revenue these sources ultimately generate. We don't know what your costs are, but the metrics here allow you to come up with a clear ROI both by individual ads, trade shows, etc., or by a class or source type.

Ninja Metrics Gives Marketers the Ability to Assess True Ad Value™, Make Ad Spending up to 40% more efficient.

Traffic, housed in Ninja Metrics’ Katana Social Analytics Engine, ties in-game behavior and player influence back to the advertising referral source, allowing companies to track their ROI for each advertising source. Marketers are able to see what advertising sources are bringing the most dollars and the most valuable users into their games. The program calculates the exact dollar amount these heavily influential players, known as social whales, are worth, then uses this player social value data to inform companies what advertising sources are the most valuable.

This Traffic feature then takes those figures one step further, weighing in the source’s Social Value (like a credit) and Influenceability (like a debit). The net of those figures adjusts the ROI to calculate the True Ad Value™, giving its users the most accurate data. The Traffic system calculates return on investment for advertising based on the Social Value and Influenceability of the source, resulting in a more accurate Ad Value.