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Ninja Metrics has created a state-in-the-art patented system that tells you who matters most in your network.


Network Influence


What is it? A state-of-the-art patented system that tells you who matters most in your network. The network tool starts by predicting the future value of every person in your system. Next, the Network Influence tool calculates the social influence one player has on other players in your system. Once you know the true worth, you can do much more than treat influential players well. You can use them to influence others with promotions, campaigns and give-aways.


There is a reason celebrities get free gifts from companies. Now you can find the “celebrities” in your system! The network tool starts by predicting the future value of every player in your system. This gives you the total network value, pictured here, and given as dollars (but could be page views, time spent, etc.). Then zoom in to see who is really worth what. Our valuation system is unique. We determine who influenced who else to spend, and give some of that worth to the influencer. So, the player with the $444 tag may have $300 in future predicted spending, but they are also causing $144 in spending by other players through their social influence.


Red players are actually costing you money by driving others out of the game. Unless you are using our system, you never see these influence values, and you will both under-value and over-value people. Want to try a new promotional campaign? Unsure about its effect on the network? The Network Influence tool allows you run a promotional campaign on one segment of your network and then populate its effect throughout the entire network. This allows you to test your campaigns, see their effects and make a calculated decision on the total value it has on your entire network through our patented algorithms. Now your marketing team can answer the question, Will our new marketing campaign work and how well will it work?


Who is it for? For any serious analytics team with a social system.


Know Your Players


What is it? A dashboard tool for game developers that tracks global and historical game data, displays system heat maps and provides projections of individual players and game data.


Each dashboard and tab helps track player behaviors, first retrospectively and then with projections. The models powering the engine are adaptable for any kind of behavior, but we start with the ones most of interest to game developers: spending, quitting, cheating and being hacked. Each of these is tracked with a global, historical, projection, heat map and network analysis tool, described below. The KYP dashboard allows you to track each individual player and their behavior. The tool provides an easy, sortable display of which players are the most valuable in your system, which players are most likely to leave your game, and who may be cheating in your system. For a more macro perspective, with a simple click on a tab, see trending patterns for your entire system. With the ability to sort based on demographic variables, such as gender or location, you are able to see how specific customer segments are behaving over time. This dashboard provides you the opportunity to take advantage of positive trends in your system while quickly alerting you of negative trends in your system.


Who is it for? Designed for a business intelligence, marketing or analysis person


Know Your System


What is it? A dashboard tool that tracks the impact of your system’s key components.


For game developers, these are objects, NPCs, locations, progress points and social events. Each dashboard tracks particular game features, and then how they contribute to the outcome you’re interested in. Track which instances lead to quitting, which levels lead to spending, what social events lead to long-term retention, and many others. Details for each option can be found below. Curious how a specific game object or NPC is affecting your player’s behavior such as quitting or spending? With an easy to use sorting option, marketing managers and game developers can see what aspects of your system is leading to positive outcomes to replicate them and what aspects are leading to negative outcomes to fix them. This tool provides valuable information to what is working in your system and what is not.


Who is it for? Designed for developers, artists and producers.


Customer Service Tools


What is it? A dashboard tool that allows you to easily identify player profitability.


Convert your customer service group from a loss center to a profit center. Use the Katana tools to separate valuable customers from those who may actually cost the company money. Use that knowledge to triage and treat players accordingly. This dashboard allows your Customer Service Representatives to have a powerful tool when interacting with your customers and solving their issues. This dashboard allows your CSR team to identify which players are the most important to your system and address their needs first, prioritizing your best customers and keeping them happy. With each players Network Value and history charted, your CSR team can make important on the spot decisions of specific interventions to take with individual customers, depending on their network value, such as providing them a discount or free item for troubles they have experienced. Who is it for? Designed for CRM leads and business intelligence leads.