When you get beyond the basic KPIs like ARPU, DAU and K-factor, it’s time to learn more details about your title and how your players use it. As a developer, you need to know the answer to the fundamental questions about your game: How many players are doing what? What game mechanics and experiences are working? How are our interventions and responses doing?

Katana provides dizzying depth on all of these. Whether it’s a player killing a mob, sending in a ticket to your community team or buying an item, you’ll see game metrics on everything. Our approach is straightforward: Any action, interaction or transaction you can think of, we track. We’ll tell you how often it happens, what % of players do it, and extra stats on the ones who do.

Katana® tracks all of these, with pre-set KPIs built in that make sense for each:

  • Levels
  • Social Events
  • Items & Resources
  • Locations & Maps
  • Character Types
  • NPCs
  • Spending
  • CRM
  • Customer Service
  • User-Generated Content
  • Custom Events

Then, we take it a step farther and connect all of those actions with business-side results, plus the power of segmentation. You have a map and you want to know if the players using it churn at higher rates than average? You have a new quest and you want to know if the players using it convert quickly or slow down? You have forums and you want to know if they lead to more invitations? You want to know how your A group responded to the new CRM promotion vs the B group? You want to see how your German players perform on the new map compared to the French?

Consider it all handled.

Example: German Players vs. French Players, Global Level

Or maybe you are looking at the list above and thinking, hey, there’s no set of game metrics for my [insert your unique mechanic here]. Where’s the page for my snowboarding title, my slot game, or my art project with abstract actions? No worries. Our custom events ability means that you can choose any action, tag it, and categorize it. You decide how you want to sort, and Katana sorts. And for everything you come up with, you get KPIs that make contextual sense.

Custom Churn Events by Action

When you see the full depth Katana gives you, it becomes obvious that this stuff is built by nerds who care. Our team of PhDs has devoted the last decade to understanding gamers and game data. We’ve taken our knowledge and science and made the absolute best and deepest game analytics system anywhere.

Globel Store Items - Number of Player Purchaces with Percentages

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