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Find the true influencers in your social game or mobile app.

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Katana® Social Analytics Engine

The Katana® Social Analytics Engine measures the value of social contributions in applications and games, provides detailed projections for the outcomes that matter to developers, and offers the tools to determine how effectively features facilitate engagement and social interaction.

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Ninja Metrics - Social Value

Social Value

Katana's® exclusive social influence modeling system tells you who matters most in your network.

Understanding the impact of social influence on your bottom line and developing content and interventions designed to reward and amplify that influence leads to improved monetization, reduced churn, and deeper social engagement. As in the real world, social interactions in the online world are powerful motivators. Who we interact with, how our actions are recognized, and the types of encounters people participate in can make or break a social experience. One generous or unkind user can create enduring engagement or quickly sour the experience for others. Simply measuring how much someone clicks or buys won’t tell you how much their social interactions are impacting your bottom line.

The Katana® Analytics Engine gives developers the actionable intelligence they need to identify their most influential customers. These social value metrics allow developers to reward the people who are making a positive contributions to their social applications and games and develop meaningful social interventions to keep users engaged.

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Ninja Metrics - Game Analytics

Game Analytics

Look beyond the basics like DAU and ARPU. Get real actionable information about your players.

As a game developer or a video game marketer, you need answers to fundamental questions about your game. What is working in your game or app and what is not. What influence do your players have on each other? What experiences in the game keep players engaged and what doesn’t? We strive to offer you a dizzying array of analytics, tracking everything from a simple in-game purchase to mobs in a battle and how your monster interactions went. It’s tracked both at a high level and all the way down to individual players. 

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Ninja Metrics - Social Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis

Selling a game is good, but understanding what and who will push that game to greatness is even better.

We have a knack for taking huge amounts of player data within a social network and building out graphs on the fly, with actionable metrics and discernments about your game or app. We think of your players living in a C2C world. Yes, C2C – consumer to consumer or in the case of a game, player to player. As we have found out, players have a massive influence on each other and we have a way to figure it out in simple to understand terms. 

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Ninja Metrics - KPI Metrics

KPI Metrics

Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s are the core to game metrics.

In reality, they are rather easy to deliver and provide insightful glaces at what a manager or board need. For a game developer, they provide key basic metrics on how your game or app is doing. Katana® reports on K-Factor, MAU, DAU and ARPU and many many other basic metrics you need.

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Ninja Metrics - Social Whales

Social Whales

You may be familiar with the term “whale” as it relates to a big spender.

However, you may not be as familiar with a “social whale”. Our Katana® Social Analytics Engine finds them! Our creation of Social Value helps separate your players and finds the true social influencers within your game. A Social Whale is more than just a big spender they are gigantic influencers.

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Ninja Metrics - Automated Predictive Analytics

Automated Predictive Analytics

Clear insight into the health of social apps and games.

The Katana® Social Analytics Engine provides clearer insight into the health of social games and applications by going beyond simple historical reporting. Using patented, state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, Katana® provides detailed projections for the outcomes that matter to developers and the features, interactions, and mechanics that influence them.

Each customizable result is viewable as a global trend, sortable cohort, or even down to the individual user. Trends and projections are available as interactive charts and heat maps along with options for exporting the data to external spreadsheets.

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Ninja Metrics - Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value

Find your game players true individual lifetime value (LTV) with our Social Value Metric.

We take the individual LTV and combine it with their Social Value to give you a true individual LTV value.

The Katana® Analytics Engine include the social effects of one player on another, measures it and delivers eye opening results. Marketing to these players will help drive your game or app forward by building bottom line results.

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Ninja Metrics - User Metrics

User Metrics

Katana’s® User Metrics go far beyond what is currently offered in the marketplace.

With build-in machine learning and automated predictive analytics, plus Social Value, you’ll get analytics you’ve never seen before. All this delivered in a package that’s easy to use.

Answer question about what your players do and how that translates to your bottom line. Dig deep into individual player and groups for the past, present and future.

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Ninja Metrics - Cohort Analysis

Cohort Analysis

With Katana® you can look closer at your groups and better serve your players.

Cohort Analysis is a simple but powerful tool for looking at groups of players that started playing your game or using your app at different times. This tool is included in our Katana® Analytics Engine. Excellent for Game Developers needing player insight or Marketers to gain a clearer look into a player promotion.

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