As users interact online, they form complex webs of social connections based on influence -- and Ninja Metrics can tell you who the most influential users are, and exactly how much they are worth. 

The powerful system that generates these predictive social insights is the Katana Analytics Engine, available for businesses of all sizes in the gaming, entertainment, and ecommerce industries. Katana® is a groundbreaking tool that uses advanced learning mechanisms to quantify user influence in Social Value® and predict ROI based on user behavior.

Katana for Games

The players that are spending the most are rarely the most valuable to game developers -- instead, Social Whales power in-game spending by driving their communities to spend. Katana for Games is the only engine on the market that finds these true power players and calculates their Social Value, an exact dollar amount of how much they are worth to your company. Confidently implement direct marketing campaigns, target ad placement, and more to reduce churn and increase revenue with Katana’s research-driven insights.

Katana for Entertainment

Katana for Entertainment is the next-generation analytics platform for streaming media and music. As viewers and listeners cause their friends and followers to join them on streaming media sites, Katana captures these behaviors and finds the most influential users. The engine can tell media platforms which advertisements have the greatest ROI based on social interaction, which content is bringing in the most powerful audiences, and more. Tap into your audiences and gain better social insights with Katana for Entertainment today.

Katana for Ecommerce/Retail

Spending is social -- and Katana for Ecommerce is the all-in-one analytics engine that proves it. As customers buy, Katana for Ecommerce can track which users are causing social spending and which advertisements brought those customers in -- giving the True Ad Value® to marketers and publishers. Armed with this information, online retailers can roll out pricing changes, place advertisements, and more, knowing which customers’ revenues will have a multiplying impact on their friends.

Ninja Metrics Katana Demo

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