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Maximize your ROI. From here you can determine not only where your users are coming from, but where your revenue is coming from. Compare how different traffic sources are impacting population, conversion, and revenue to identify your most profitable marketing strategies.

Traffic Sources

Quantify the impact of your marketing efforts. Understand where your users and revenue are coming from based on specific events, campaigns, and Ads. Learn more >

Revenue by Category

Which traffic sources are generating the most revenue? Discover how various source categories contribute to your revenue in comparison with others, and which marketing platform is giving you the greatest return. Learn more >

Total Revenue by Category

How are various traffic sources impacting revenue over time? Examine trends and changes in spending over time for multiple source categories. Learn more >

Total Users by Category

Examine how many users each source category brings in and how the population changes over time. Learn more >

The main dashboard provides you with a high-level overview of activity to measure success and gauge your position period over period, so you know exactly how you're doing. Basic Metrics provides you with the baseline measurements for your title, including details on usage, retention, social activity, and revenue. Funnels allow you to set up a visual representation of any sequence of actions. The typical use is for conversions from acquisition to monetization, but it's a very flexible tool you can use to begin isolating problems and taking action. System Metrics allows you to analyze specific title components to determine what experiences, events, and mechanics are helping or hurting business outcomes like churn, spending, virality, etc., and where improvements can be made. It answers the question "what is and isn't working?" See the past, forecast the future. User Metrics allows you to take advantage of predictive analytics to track, analyze, and forecast user activities so you truly get to know your audience. Social Networks is Katana's super power. Learn not just LTVs, but which users impact other users' bottom line. This influence score changes everything from acquisition to monetization to retention, and the built-in tools let you take action. Enter an Account ID, or a range of IDs, e.g. 1001-1015. This is the specific tag you chose for this source. Select it to display the data from this source in the graphs below. This is the category you placed the source into. You can sort by this as well as see totals in the graphs below. The number of users who came from this source The % of your total population that came from this source. The % of users from this source who went on to convert into paying users The revenue attributable to all users from this source The average revenue per user for all users from this source The average revenue per paying user for all users from this source Given a list of all of the hours played by users from this source, the median is the value in the middle of the list Every source can have Social Value (which is like a credit) and Influenceability (which is like a debit). The net of those tell you the true impact of the source. 100% is the baseline, so numbers over it mean the source generates more than it appears to, while numbers under it mean the source is less valuable than it appears. This is the revenue adjusted by the True Value %. It's the actual revenue the source drives, once accounting for Social Value and Influenceability. This is the ARPU adjusted by the True Value %. It's the actual ARPU, once accounting for Social Value and Influenceability. This is the ARPPU adjusted by the True Value %. It's the actual ARPPU, once accounting for Social Value and Influenceability. The projected value of an individual's future spending. It represents the value of the app for this player, separate from any social forces. The projected value of an individual's influence on others' spending. Remove them and their friends will spend this much less. This is a social value, separate from the value of the app itself. The spending a person generates on their own and among others. This is their Asocial LTV + Social Value. Influenceability and Social Value generally match except when a person leaves the system and the residual social impact is unbalanced. How much a user will spend. It's the combination of their Asocial LTV and the extra spending others cause for this user (Influenceability). How much revenue will disappear if a user quits. This is made up of Asocial LTV, impact on others (Social Value) and the spending others caused for them (Influenceability).