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S2, Ep 4 Scandal Drama 1,199,888 456,231 11.41% 743,657 93.56% 3.12%
S2, Ep 5 Grey's Anatomy Drama 914,296 347,641 8.69% 566,655 92.67% 2.65%
S2, Ep. 5 Lost Science Fiction 846,250 321,768 8.04% 524,482 88.52% 2.54%
S1, Ep 11 Firefly Science Fiction 704,661 267,932 6.70% 436,729 84.67% 2.56%
S1, Ep. 3 Heroes Action and Adventure, Science Fiction 646,935 245,983 6.15% 400,952 92.40% 2.31%
S2, Ep 67 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Comedy 509,886 193,873 4.85% 316,013 94.67% 2.15%
S1, Ep 6 Teen Wolf Drama 468,224 178,032 4.45% 290,192 95.65% 2.16%
S4, Ep 45 Jimmy Kimmel Live Comedy 354,666 134,854 3.37% 219,812 89.23% 2.87%
S5, Ep 22 The Colbert Report Comedy 282,317 107,345 2.68% 174,972 88.34% 3.56%
S1, Ep 1 The Straits Action and Adventure, Exclusive 229,717 87,345 2.18% 142,372 92.23% 5.67%
S3, Ep 4 Family Guy Comedy, Animation 171,681 65,278 1.63% 106,403 92.56% 3.87%
S1, Ep 6 The Awesomes Action and Adventure, Animation 122,881 46,723 1.17% 76,158 93.56% 4.34%
S1, Ep 2 Darren Brown Reality, Exclusive 91,584 34,823 0.87% 56,761 67.34% 23.56%

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Welcome to System Metrics!

This module allows you to examine which features of your title successfully engage users and which need improvement. Use the navigation bar on the left to dig deeper into certain aspects of your application such as levels, NPCs, or missions. There is also a custom slot that lets you adjust your metrics to perfectly accommodate the needs of your individual title.


Track which instances lead to quitting, which levels lead to spending, what social events lead to long-term retention & more. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam interdum sollicitudin ornare. Duis mattis gravida turpis, et suscipit diam. Sed semper, nisi sed tempor adipiscing, enim lorem dictum dui, quis porttitor massa justo a lorem.

The main dashboard provides you with a high-level overview of activity to measure success and gauge your position period over period, so you know exactly how you're doing. Basic Metrics provides you with the baseline measurements for your title, including details on usage, retention, social activity, and revenue. Funnels allow you to set up a visual representation of any sequence of actions. The typical use is for conversions from acquisition to monetization, but it's a very flexible tool you can use to begin isolating problems and taking action. System Metrics allows you to analyze specific title components to determine what experiences, events, and mechanics are helping or hurting business outcomes like churn, spending, virality, etc., and where improvements can be made. It answers the question "what is and isn't working?" See the past, forecast the future. User Metrics allows you to take advantage of predictive analytics to track, analyze, and forecast user activities so you truly get to know your audience. Social Networks is Katana's super power. Learn not just LTVs, but which users impact other users' bottom line. This influence score changes everything from acquisition to monetization to retention, and the built-in tools let you take action. Enter an Account ID, or a range of IDs, e.g. 1001-1015. The show or clip's name The larger group it may be a part of, e.g. Series name The kind of show or clip it is All times viewed by any kind of viewer, including duplicates Subscriber members' views, including duplicates The % of the Subscriber base who have viewed the show or clip Non-subscriber members' views, including duplicates How much of the show is viewed on average The standard deviation. A low number means that most viewed about the same %. A high number means that the values are more varied, i.e. people watched very different amounts.