You know that 50% of advertising works. But which 50%?
Enter Ninja Metrics Traffic reporting
Now you know which 50%!

Would you bid $5 on someone really only worth $2? Would you stop at $3 if you knew they were really worth $25? Katana’s True Ad Value adjustment gives you an unfair competitive advantage in the cutthroat world of user acquisition. Know the true values while everyone else uses the wrong numbers.

Katana® connects your ad sources to your in-game spend, allowing you to know your ROI. But are all players worth what they seem? Not at all. Once you factor in Social Value®, many are far more--or far less--valuable than they appear to be.

You not only know what ads are driving the most revenue, but by adding Social Value to the equation, you get a complete picture never before seen in the advertising or game industry.

"These new analytics show that old data make for portfolio-wide bidding errors around 30-40%, while individual ad sources are often off by up to 300%.”

~Dmitri Williams, CEO of Ninja Metrics


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Inside our Katana Social Analytics Engine is a fully automated tool that ties in-game behavior and player influence back to the advertising referral source, allowing companies to track their ROI for each advertising source. Marketers can now see what advertising sources are bringing the most dollars and the most valuable users into their games. The Katana engine calculates the exact dollar amount these highly influential players, known as Social Whales, are worth, then uses this player Social Value data to inform you of what advertising sources are the most valuable.

This new Traffic feature found in the Katana platform then takes those figures one step further, adjusting for the source’s Social Value (like a credit) and Influenceability (like a debit). The net of those figures adjusts the ROI to calculate the True Ad Value, giving you the most accurate data anywhere.

True Ad Value capabilities:

  • Provides game developers and marketers the ability to eliminate bot traffic and duplication from reports

  • See a more accurate view on which advertising sources provide the highest return on investment

  • Correct portfolio-wide bidding errors by 30-40%

  • Fix individual ad source bids that may be off by up to 300%

  • Actually know what ad creative is working

  • Choose your best performing ad publishers with confidence, based on real ROI, not guesses
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