If you want to data mine or model your users, you have to hire a team of PhDs or pay heavy extra costs to the leading analytics companies. And if you want to predict future actions, good luck. The most advanced analytics packages on the market can’t automate these things, or tell you the future--until now, that is. Katana® handles it all.

It has built-in machine learning, predictive analytics and Social Value®,and it’s all included at no extra cost. Read on and see that things you thought were science fiction are real, accurate and easy to use.

User Metrics answer the question, “What did my players do?” “What’s the impact on our business?” and “What are they going to do next?” And because Katana infuses all of this with Social Value scoring, you get insights not just on individuals, but an understanding of the social ripple effects that have never been visible before.

Business Bottom-Lines

Katana gives you analytics on your users for:

  • Churn
    Who’s quit, who’s about to, and how much is at stake?
  • Conversion
    Who converted, who will, and how much revenue will they bring in?
  • Time Spent
    How much have your players played, and how much will they?
  • Spending
    Detailed analysis of how much they spent, and what you can project.
  • Virality
    Go beyond simple K-Factor. Have your players been inviting others? What has the financial impact been? What will they do next month?
  • Advertising
    Are your players clicking on ads? Will they?
  • Community
    How is your community faring? Advanced social network analytics track their patterns,interconnections and overall health.
  • Game Economy
    Get seriously deep and see econometrics on your title, including inflation, GDP and price indexes.

Groups & Individuals, Past, Present and Future

User Metrics enable you to look at all of your players, by group, or individuals. Take the long view and watch entire groups up to today

Historical Data of Churn Over Time

or use Katana as a crystal ball and look into the future with advanced predictive analytics tracking groups. Like a weather forecaster telling you the path of a hurricane, you’ll see the most likely outcome plus upper and lower bounds

Advanced Predictive Analytics on Player Projections

When you’re ready to take action, drill down to the individual user level and see the details, and then do something about it.

Imagine if you could know how much a user is truly worth--including their Social Value--and their likelihood to do something in the coming month, say churn out.

Churn Projections

You’d take action, right? Good, now how about we make that easy for you?

Katana integrates with leading e-mail marketing and push notification vendors so you can export custom player lists to power your promotions and interventions. Maybe you’ve been blasting everyone with one message or not even able to do that. OK, now it’s time for scalpel-like precision, with a few clicks.

Data Export on Specified Ranges 

Last, track the impact of those interventions over time with our advanced segmentation features--just segment by promotion and you see perfect ROI and the impact of your efforts. Katana® will even tell you how your projections differ from one CRM intervention to another.

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